The Design Process

As we begin working with clients to create “The Home of [Their] Dreams”, we know that part of the job is to educate on the design process. If you plan to build your own home or just want to learn, come with us as we embark on the construction of a “Bastide Provence Showcase Home” in Houston’s prestigious Memorial area, which will be unveiled in approximately 18 months.

The design process begins with the relationship of public and private spaces. Many versions are explored before the “best solution” for the site is decided.


As the floor plan develops or morphs into real spaces, the front elevation is developing at the same time. There is a push and pull of interior spaces to create character and expression to the front facade.

In addition to floor plan and interior design, adherence to site constraints and city code has be be investigated. These issues must be juggled from the beginning.

George has given scale to the initial spacing. A good architect creates modules that work best for construction. His design method always creates very comfortable spaces that are beyond a client’s expectations. It is a delight to be in a space that is properly proportioned to the human scale.

George adds refinement and adds details to the plan for the “Back of House” area. “Back of House” refers to the rear entrance into the home (i.e. the mud room, catering kitchen, quarters, etc.).

This is the first sketch of the “French Provence/Bastide” front exterior. The use of stone is prevalent in Provence. We used it as a base for the house and to celebrate the Front Door “Pedestrian Entry” and the “Vehicular Entry”.

Final Facade changes were dictated by roof slopes, to address water issues. There are three different tiers of design in France: the Chateau, French Country and Bastide. “The Chateau” is the formal “city” home, “French Country” is a rough country house and a “Bastide” is the refined country home, Chateau owners used to escape to the country. They use authentic/local materials that convey a relaxed or casual lifestyle in an upscale form.

We hope you will enjoy the design process and be delighted in the results! After all, the journey is what creates memories!

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